I remember after my divorce, sitting in my apartment alone with a gun in my mouth thinking I didn't have anything left to live for. What saved me was a picture of my smiling daughter that was hanging on my wall. She was the one blessing I had left in my life and I believe God put that picture in front of me that day to save me from a selfish decision (my daughter is now 23 with a daughter of her own!).

Then,two years ago I lost my job and my home and was living in my truck. A local church allowed me to park my truck behind their church to sleep. I eventually starting volunteering at the church and joined their discipleship program. I was doing better spiritually than I had ever done before in my life. The problem was, I thought I was stronger than I actually was. One day a family member came to me asking if I would help him get off of needles and pills. I left the shelter of the church and the discipleship program to help this family member. That's when things started to go down hill fast. While I was trying to help my family, I ended up trying meth myself. Satan told me I could try it once and that I was strong enough to handle it. Well, it took control. 

I got arrested and put in the Elkhart County Jail because while I was "cooking" I had a bottle go bad and start on fire. While putting out the fire I got second and third degree burns and chemical burns over 50% of my body. But God spared my life. 

Now, even though I am in jail, I am alive an blessed. Because of the volunteers here a the jail, I'm closer to Jesus than I have ever been. I am working toward my GED, I have completed a college class and am involved in all of the Bible studies and programs through the Jail Ministry. I have been sentenced to 30 years, but I'm blessed with a family that loves me, and I get the chance to touch other people's lives. 

God has a way of taking a train wreck of a life and truning it around to glorify Him...if you let Him.