My name is Eric and I have been here at the Elkhart County Jail since the beginning of February [2020] and I am 37 years old. I have been a drug addict for 25 years, and in and out of jail and prison since I was 14. In 2013 I followed in my father's footsteps into a gang. I have lived a life filled with drugs, criminal behavior, lies, disloyalty and all around evil.


When I came to the jail this time I was alone in my cell and began to realize the severity of my situation and began praying. At that moment something filled my heart with love. Immediately I understood the Lord was revealing the direction He wanted my life to go. With the help and support of my wonderful daughters, my amazing girlfriend and the chaplains and staff here at the Elkhart County Jail I have been able to exit the gang, as well as participate in the tattoo removal. I am not only removing my gang tattoos, but all of my tattoos. I am extremely grateful to the Jail Ministry for allowing me to participate in the tattoo removal program.


I am now active in the program pod and am gaining trust with my daughters and rebuilding my relationship with them. The personal relationship I have developed with the Chaplains at the jail during my transition shows me how much they genuinely care for us. They are always making time for one on ones with us. They are amazing people.