There comes a time in a person’s life when they actually start "living" life instead of just going through life.

Since I was a child, I’ve gone day to day through life, taking it at face value; just going through the motions and accepting the good with the bad.  Abuse, betrayal and abandonment were all parts of what I thought was normal. Luckily for me I was proven wrong.

Since the first day I met some volunteers in jail, a seed was planted, an idea was born and a journey began. It was nothing anyone said or did, nor was it any event that brought everything into reality. But, a slow, steady progression, like rolling a snowball down a hill.

I was introduced to the only One who could save and salvage a broken and battered soul like mine: Jesus Christ, the Savior, the Father to the fatherless. I heard of this great and loving family that I actually qualified to be a part of. And the best part was that I qualified for the highest part of it while at my lowest. I actually qualified to be a son of God. To love and be loved, to be valued and have worth, and best of all, to be a part of the biggest family ever known. For someone who grew up with no family, no loved ones and made to feel worthless, this was WAY more than I could have dreamed of. Life today is filled with ups and downs, joys and hardships, but it’s also filled with comfort and love. I can’t wait to share this great gift with the world one broken soul at a time.



Your Brother David